Reeds for Contrabassoon

How we Work

Processing raw material and building contrabassoon reeds involves several precise steps to ensure optimal performance. Here's a general overview of the process:

'My Tiny Contribution To Your Great Sound'

Reeds and Blanks for Contrabassoon

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Donax Cane in music history

About Us

,My tiny contribution to your great sound' is a result of Hans Wisse's dedication to crafting the contrabassoon reeds and his desire to share them with fellow musicians. With extensive experience in playing the great Romantic repertoire under the direction of demanding and renowned maestro’s, Hans has developed a keen insight into the exact requirements that contrabassoon reeds must meet. His goal is to build reeds that produce a rich, golden-brown and warm sound that projects well and blends beautifully with the entire orchestra. Colleagues who visit can expect a range of reeds that meet the highest standards. Reeds that provide contrabassoonists with the tools they need to achieve their best performances. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring contrabassoonist, is a trusted source for your reeds. Hans Wisse's dedication to his passion for the instrument and the reed craft is reflected in every product available on this online platform. This makes a go-to destination for musicians looking for top-level contrabassoon reeds.